Why are students flocking to Alexandria College? The lifestyle is just the start.

With 10 new athletic teams, lake living, furnished apartments right on campus, and life-changing financial aid—on top of its award-winning academic programs—Alexandria College is drawing students from across Minnesota.

There’s a reason more than half the students at Alexandria College come from outside the area, and there’s more to it than just the wide list of degrees, award-winning academic programs, and affordable tuition.

They also come for the great student life.

“Historically, our students have filled the resorts in the offseason,” says president Michael Seymour. “We’re one of the few places you can live in a resort and go to school. That’s one reason we’re a destination college.”

The school has more than 300 lakes located within 30 miles. There’s a snowmobile trail that runs right through campus. Last year, they added a secure sports-storage area so students can keep their boats, snowmobiles, and fish houses safe until they get out of class.

“Now you can come for a great education and get a great quality of life too.”

Michael Seymour, President of Alexandria College

A top-ranked school—with a smart strategy

This embrace of outdoor life is one of several reasons Alexandria College is the only state school in Minnesota to have grown enrollment from 2019 to 2023.

Founded in 1961, the school has one of the highest graduation rates in Minnesota (and some of the lowest tuition) and has been ranked as the top community college in the state.

But recent years have seen a new focus on improving campus life, and students have noticed.

Winning at sports—and school spirit

“One thing that sets Alexandria College apart is the athletic opportunities,” says vice president Jeff Wild. “Other colleges have been running from sports. We started embracing them.”

“Adding athletics just completely elevated the campus life.”

Jeff Wild, Vice President of Alexandria College

The first sport the school added in 2020 was clay target shooting. Now they offer everything from golf to competitive fishing to soccer—and, in 2024, they’ll become one of the first two-year colleges in Minnesota to establish a competitive archery team.

“Adding athletics just completely elevated the campus life,” says Wild. “You can walk down the hallway and everybody’s wearing their Legends gear. There’s a heck of a lot more school spirit.”

Esports, cybersecurity certificates, and more

In addition to those athletics, the school also added esports, which have proven to be a big draw.

“The esports lab is open to anyone when the team’s not practicing or competing,” says Wild. “And just having that lab on campus gives students another place to hang out and collaborate with other students. It’s been a great addition to the college.”

The esports boom has also given a huge boost to the school’s computer technology programs.

“The demand for our cybersecurity certificate has doubled,” says Wild. “It’s one of the highest demand programs in the country right now.”

“If your adjusted gross family income is under $50,000 for a single person, or $100,000 as total household income, you can get essentially free tuition and fees.”

Jeff Wild, Vice President of Alexandria College

Affordable tuition (and sometimes free!)

Even with all the investment in student life, the school remains affordable. On its “RAISE” website, prospective students can enter their information and quickly see what grants and funding they qualify for.

“For residents of Douglas County, if your adjusted gross family income is under $50,000 for a single person, or $100,000 as total household income, you can get essentially free tuition and fees,” says Wild.

In 2024, the college will also start offering free tuition and fees for Minnesota residents with a family income under $80,000 a year, through the new North Star Promise Scholarship Program.

Alexandria College is one of the only two-year colleges with fully furnished, amenity-packed student housing on campus, with more in the pipeline.

All kinds of student housing

Not all two-year colleges offer housing, but Alexandria College has two student apartment buildings right next to campus, with fully furnished one-, two-, and four-bedroom units, complete with kitchens, WiFi, and other amenities.

Glad to be in Alexandria

“I think we’re on the right track here for this community,” says Seymour. “We’re promoting not only the quality education that’s been here forever, but we’re bundling it with a quality student life. Now you can come for a great education and get a great quality of life too.”

“Alexandria is an amazing community,” says Wild. “And we don’t operate in a vacuum. We all support and serve each other, because when everybody benefits, everybody wins. And Alexandria is winning on every level.”

Looking for a great college in an amazing community?

Make Alexandria College your destination.