See what funding is available for you in the Alexandria area.

When you locate your business in Douglas County, you have access to financing and grants that can help you get ahead. The Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives to other businesses in town—and we’re excited to help you too.

Why this manufacturer relocated to Alex — and how they landed $1 million in funding

When Massman Companies needed room to grow, they found everything they needed in Alexandria, including local support, great amenities, and valuable TIF financing.


Check out the range of programs available in Alexandria—and connect with us directly. We’re here to help you find the funding you need.

Childcare Grants

We’re excited to be able to support local childcare providers with a grant of up to $2,500 as they start or expand their business in Douglas County.

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Revolving Loan Funds (RLFs)

Through the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission’s revolving loan fund, we’re able to provide loans to local businesses with lower rates and longer terms. As we receive payments from outstanding loans, that money is made available to new borrowers.

AAEDC RLF Guidelines/Application

Micro Loans

We also offer direct loans for eligible costs like working capital, inventory, machinery, equipment, and building/leasehold improvements. These loans are available to for-profit small businesses located in Douglas County.

Micro Loan Guidelines/Application

Tax Increment Financing (TIFs)

New developments, redevelopments, or public-assisted housing developments may be eligible for a TIF through our local government. This financing is paid for by the increased property taxes that will be generated from your project.

TIF Guidelines/Application


Tax Abatement

Similar to a TIF, the Tax Abatement program can be used to finance your project, based on the increase in property taxes that will be generated from your new development or redevelopment. To qualify for Tax Abatement, your project must meet a number of public-interest benefits established by Minnesota state statutes.

Tax Abatement Guidelines/Application

Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs)

The city of Alexandria can use its bonding authority to help you raise revenue for a project. Once raised, that money is passed through to your business, and you are then responsible for repayment. IRBs are tax-exempt, which gives you a lower interest rate. This type of financing is generally best for larger projects because the up-front expenses incurred with IRBs require a bonding amount large enough to make the reduced interest rate and other benefits attractive.

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City of Alexandria Loans

Alexandria offers three types of revolving loan funding:

  • Commercial Loans: For demolition projects, building rehabilitation improvements, and public facilities.
  • Industrial Loans: For the purchase of land, buildings, machinery, or equipment, as well as for working capital, relocation costs, demolition projects, and public facilities.
  • Equipment Loans: For the purchase of equipment. Available to businesses located within Alexandria city limits that are located in zoning districts I-1 (Light Industrial), I-2 (Heavy Industrial), or I-B (Industrial Business).

Alexandria Loan Guidelines/Application

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