Business Coaching

Free coaching (yes, free!)

Are you thinking of starting a business in the Alexandria area? Are you ready to expand the business you have? Do you have a business question you haven’t known how to answer?

Our business coaches are here to help.

No question is too simple and no challenge too big for our coaching team. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll help you find someone who does. We can help you understand the unique opportunities in this corner of Minnesota, and we’ll connect you to the local resources and people that can support your vision.

A mother/daughter team opens the area’s newest doggie daycare.

21-year old entrepreneur, Cassie Corson took an idea she had in college and turned it into a reality with her mom, Jackie — and with help from the AAEDC.

Is this coaching really free? What’s the catch?

Yes! It’s really free. At the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission, our goal is to support local businesses in every way we can. There’s no catch and no obligation. Whether you’ve just got a couple quick questions or you want ongoing support, we’ve got coaches who are happy to help.

Check out our free (and confidential) business coaching services below.

Startup Coaching: Free

Do you have a business idea that you’re ready to bring to life? This coaching service is for entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next steps to get started. Our startup coaches, all experienced entrepreneurs, work 1-on-1 with you to move you from concept to open for business. This coaching is free, personal, and fully confidential.

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Business Management Coaching: Free

Ever wish you had an experienced business person to help you think about your business, answer questions, and help you remain accountable to the goals you set? Our 1-on-1 business management coaching helps you overcome common growth obstacles, develop effective strategies, identify new income opportunities, and stay focused on success.

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Business coaching helped Creative Touch Boutique grow.

These business owners got some free, confidential business coaching through the AAEDC and it helped them plan their next steps.

Other coaching and training

We’ve partnered with the Rural Ideas Network to offer a whole range of additional free resources. Take advantage of these valuable opportunities and spread the word to other businesses in our community!

Succession Plan Coaching: Free

Whether you’re ready to transition your business to new ownership or just want to plan ahead for when the time comes, our succession plan coaches can help. We’ll help you ask and answer key questions and gather the information potential buyers will need to understand the value of your business.

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Personal Website Evaluation: Free

Whether you have a brand new or a well established website, we can help you make sure your online presence is working hard on your behalf. Our coaches will review your website, provide constructive feedback, and share tools to help you improve your site and achieve your goals.

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Website Design Bootcamp: Free

This bootcamp is a great resource if you need a website but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for someone to develop it. We’ll teach you how to use the WIX website development platform to build and manage a site that truly represents your brand. This free bootcamp includes a virtual group classroom session and unlimited one-on-one help sessions to get your site built and teach you how to use it.

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Peer Learning Roundtables: Free

Connect with other rural business owners from across the country through online video discussions to share tips and strategies that can help your business grow. Each roundtable is facilitated and focuses on topics important to business owners like you. Learn about new tools, resources, and strategies that are helping other businesses grow, build your professional network, and find inspiration for your next big success. These roundtables are free to current or potential Alexandria-area entrepreneurs.

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Peer Learning Forum: Free

This virtual platform allows you to exchange ideas and get advice from other rural entrepreneurs across the country. The forum helps new and experienced business owners connect with each other to share valuable advice, get multiple perspectives on topics, learn from each other’s experiences, and move your business forward.

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Curated Workshop Library & Podcast Library

Looking for the most informative, most relevant learning resources, but not sure where to start? Our team spends hours each week participating in business development workshops and reviewing podcasts, evaluating each one and only sharing the “best of the best” in our curated libraries. Check them out today and discover the most valuable tools, ready for you.

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Small-Business Courses: Prices Vary

We’ve partnered with the Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC) to offer a range of small-business courses at a reduced rate. There are several classes available each fall and spring semester. Sign up through the ATCC website.

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